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Pest Control Around Your Home


Baby it’s cold outside, that’s what the rats and mice are singing, they like you want to keep warm, however they can be a problem in your home. We have found the best trap is the old wooden trap, bait it with cheese or peanut butter, some on the trap and some in front of the trap, they love the appetizer and will jump right into the full meal deal you have on the trap.

Carpenter ants will not help you build your home, in fact the chew your home away. Do we have any around the lower mainland, you bet! Keep your yard clean, rake up all the fallen needles from around your trees, this is a favourite home for ants and then their favourite choice will be your home. So clean yard keeps the ants away.

It’s spring, that means mating season has arrived, no not you the critters that are trying to live in your home. To keep raccoons away from setting up residence in your attic, place a small container of ammonia or bleach in the attic. Raccoons don’t like the smell and will move on to your neighbours home for bed and breakfast.

To avoid squirrels setting up residence in your attic, block all access routes with a fine wire mesh, remember squirrels have the ability to access very small openings. If they are in the process of setting up a home in your home ammonia and bleach won’t work, they’ll probably use these to keep their home clean. The only thing we have found that works is a small radio playing, they don’t like that, and will move out. Talk shows seem to work the best.