We have gone into the F&G archives to come up with some of our tips this morning. Here’s today’s first F n G tip on how long the summer will last,

Summer is not going to last forever---so you better get that deck repaired, install those get a grips before you slip this fall. Remember the only way to get rid of moss and mildew is move to Saskatchewan, if you live here you really need Get A Grip on your stairs, manufactured right in in BC for BC

Here’s an F n G tip on how to build a fence, you know keeping the neighbours out and your dog in.

Lay out exact fence line
If the fence is to be situated along your lot line, it is best to discuss the matter with your neighbour(s). If there is a disagreement on where the exact lot line is located, check the survey markers or have your lot surveyed. If you are paying for the entire fence, ensure that the fence is entirely on your property. Run twine along the outside of your proposed fence line. To guarantee a right-angled corner, measure 6' away from the corner in one direction and 8' in the other direction. The corner is square if the distance across the hypotenuse of this triangle is 10'.

Here’s an F n G tip on creating a lasting firm foundation, something we can certainly use

Treating posts
The most important part of your fence is the part that cannot be seen after construction. This is the part of the post that is below ground. Therefore, pressure treated posts or posts treated with a preservative will assure a lasting firm foundation.

Here’s a F n G tip on setting your fence posts the right way

Setting the posts
Dig the post hole about 6" deeper that the desired depth of the post and fill in the base of the hole with gravel or small stones. If using concrete to set the posts, ensure that the bottom end of the post extends down past the concrete to keep moisture from collecting around the post. Make the bottom of the post hole wider than the top to provide a solid base and to prevent frost from heaving the post if concrete is used. Use a plumb line or level to ensure the post is vertical while filling in the hole.


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