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Perimeter Drains


Many of you mentioned that you had water problems around your home, first thing you want to do is flush out the perimeter drains, stick a garden hose down your downpipe connections to the drains and give those drains a good flush.

Clean out your catch basin on your driveway by using the garden hose and a high pressure nozzle. Quote often this line will be connected to the storm system on the street. There is usually a concrete inspection cap, pull this and you can see how much water is flowing into the storm.

In the past years some cities decided that drainpipes should just drain onto the land around your home and not be connected to the perimeter drains. This can cause water to accumulate around the footings of your home and cause water penetration. Build spillways from your downpipes so the water travels away from your home.

To help eliminate some of the debris that can collect in your perimeter drainage system, install a drain guard filter on all your downpipes, this collects the debris, that you’ll be able to depose of easily. Check out the Gutter Doc on our website for more info.