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Painting Tips


Better Paint Means Lasting Quality

It's said that at least 70 percent of a good paint job is in the preparation. What remains, of course, is the quality of the paint and its application. Better paints go on easier, cover better and last longer. The extra $’s invested in a gallon of high-quality paint will pay dividends in the long run because you won't have to paint as often.

Determining between Dried Latex and Oil Paint
Rub a cotton ball that has been soaked in alcohol over a cleaned area. If the paint comes off its latex, and if it doesn't its oil base.

Handwriting on the Wall in the Wall
The next time you paint a room in your home, write down everything about the paint you’re using. First, the brand name and color used on walls and then the same for the trim and ceilings. Also any other special information like where you bought it and what it cost. Then fold it up, write “paint info” on it, tape it on the backside of a wall switch plate before replacing it. Years later, when it’s time to paint again, all that valuable information will be yours.

Paint Brush Revival, when Stiff and hard is not good     
To revive a quality paintbrush, boil some vinegar in an old pot or disposable aluminum pan, immerse the bristles, reduce the heat and let it soak and simmer for a bit. Then wash with dish soap, rinse, let it dry and "presto soft-o!" your cherished paint pal is back. Got a favorite brush you hate to lose? Cook it.