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Painting Tips


Door Bottom Painter
If you're not going to remove a door for painting, you can paint the bottom edge by using a scrap of carpet as a brush. Pint the bottom and top edges of a door, even though they're not seen. It seals the wood, protecting it from moisture and humidity, which can lead to expansion and slitting.

Spin-clean paint rollers
Make a nifty roller cover cleaner by taking an old roller, straightening out the rod and trimming if off short. Place this spinner in a variable speed drill, put your rinsed roller cover on it and it'll spin excess paint and water out. Continue rinsing and spinning until the roller cover is clean and fluffy.

Removing wallpaper with a saw!
Before spraying on the wallpaper remover, like oil lift, try this trick: Lightly rake a handsaw across the wallpaper to score the surface. This will allow the wallpaper remover to penetrate more thoroughly and work faster.

Nutty stain mixer
When you open a new can of wood stain, drop in two medium size, metal nuts, Before using the  product, shake the can to thoroughly stir the contents. You can actually hear when the pigments are dissolved off the bottom.