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General Household Tips 3


Self-sanding Door
Does your door scrape against a high spot on the floor? When a door swings over uneven terrain and clips the high ground, let gravity, solve your problem. Tape a sheet of medium-grit sandpaper to the floor on the high spot face up, so it sands the bottom of the door when contact occurs. After a while, it’ll wear the door's bottom edge down.

Branding your Wood-handled Tools
To keep from losing a wood-handled tool, put your brand on it as cattlemen do. Only, in this case, paint your initials on it in an out-of-the-way place with finger nail polish; and don’t let it dry. Instead, set a match to the wet polish and let it burn itself away. You’ll wind up with a permanent charred brand on the handle that’ll say "it’s yours and it’ll stay.

Emergency Candlelight
If you ever get stuck in a black out and can only find a simple birthday candle, you can make it burn big and bright by pushing it into a jar of petroleum jelly with just the tip sticking out. then light it, and it'll burn for hours.

Rust Busters
To keep tools clean and rust free when you put them away, put a soft towel or piece of carpet in the bottom of your tool box, and every so often give it a spritz of WD-40,  Yes sir, : a lubricant, scuff remover, sticky label remover, and No. 1 all-around rust- buster -- WD-40 in a can.

Fall Plumbing Tips
Its time to cover your sill cocks, bib cocks, and hose bibs or lose them. There is snow on the Coquahalla so drain your hose and blow out your sprinklers, be careful this can be dangerous work .

Disconnect your hose from the bib cock and drain hose, store out of the weather.
If you have a frost free sill cock make sure that it is draining and not running back into the house, where it will freeze and rupture the water pipe in the walls.

Protect your bib cocks with a faucet insulation kit , available at most hardware stores, and building supply stores like Griff Building Supply in New West. There are also electric pipe wraps available , just plug them in when it is freezing outside.

Avoid the newspaper-and- duct tape method, as water will penetrate through even the smallest hole and render the paper useless, not to mention the problems of having a soggy mass of paper next to your house which can foster mold growth. You know what they say about getting mold on your bib cocks.

Don't you just love plumbing talk.