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Garage Door Problems And Solutions


Most of the following common garage door problems can be fixed pretty easily and with little effort. 

Your Garage Door is Stuck Open

If the door is stuck open, check whether something is blocking the mechanism. If you have an automatic door with a safety sensor, check that there are no obstacles in your drive which could be “telling” the system the door should be open. If no obstacles are apparent, clean the mechanism to ensure that it is not clogged with debris.

Your Garage Door Will Not Open

This garage door problem is almost certainly due to faulty springs, as when they lose tension, they lose the ability to open the door.

Your Garage Door is Squeaky

This garage door problem is the easiest to solve. Lubricate the opening mechanism, and the irritating noise should disappear.

Your Garage Door Does Not Open Smoothly

Check the tracks of the opening mechanism for kinks and dents. Imperfections like these will stop the door from operating smoothly. If dents are minor, they can simply be hammered out. If major, the whole track may need to be replaced.