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Fireplace Tips and Maintenance


Hey where there is smoke there’s fire or a sooty chimney ready to cause problems. Clean the chimney professionally yearly, it is best at the end of the burning season, why, the soot in the system is very corrosive and should be remove as soon as possible so your fireplace lasts a long time and does not become a fire hazard.

Don't light up until you have cleaned up.

Chemicals that are sold to help break down creosote in your system are nothing new to the industry and are in no way a replacement for a good old fashioned chimney sweep , now known as a fireplace professional, they now have papers for a wood energy technical course. Call the Fireplace Doctor Ken 604-596-6790

Here’s some Burn Right tips, burn clean dry seasoned wood -6 to12 months firewood only use a mix of hard and soft woods avoid wet or green wood. The moisture in these can cause creosote buildup. Creosote is a highly flammable material.
Never burning garbage, plastics, particle board, driftwood, painted or treated wood.

Burn small and hot fires. This style of burning uses more fuel but doing so causes less smoke, pollution and soot deposits in your system.

Use only pressed logs that have been tested for low emissions and no additives added for easier burning. Pressed logs do not work well in some systems as they can cause excessive soot deposits, usually because of a lack of a good supply of air to burn with. Check with your dealer.