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Home energy savings 101


(NC)–Many homeowners can speak about how they have helped save energy in their home by installing a programmable themostat or by switching to low-energy lightbulbs. But when asked about the amount of insulation they have in their home, chances are, they may not have much to say.

But understanding insulation is important because it can significantly contribute to a home's energy efficiency, depending on how much insulation is installed. According to Michael Macey, Insulation Expert at Owens Corning, the attic is one area in particular that plays an important role in helping to save energy.

Here are a few facts that may help improve your understanding of how attics contribute to a home's energy savings, as well as how homeowners can reap the many benefits that come along with re-insulating the attic:

Did you know?

• A 15 inch layer of PINK FIBERGLAS batt insulation on your attic floor is equal to an R-value of R-50. R-value is the measurement of a material's thermal resistance, so the higher the R-value, the better the insulating power.

• An attic insulated to the recommendated insulating standard of R-50 can help save homeowners up to 28 per cent on their energy costs* every year, year after year.

• An attic insulated to R-50 can help save a half-ton of greenhouse gas emissions annually**.

• Re-insulating the attic is a project that qualifies under the Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) program, which offers a non-refundable tax credit of up to $1,350 or 15 per cent of your total renovation costs. Visit for more information.

• Up to $750 in government grants can be provided under the ecoENERGY Retrofit program when you insulate the attic for energy efficiency, in addition to other provincial matching grant programs in select provinces. Visit for program details.

Learn more about how to re-insulate your attic to help improve the energy efficiency of your home by visiting

* Savings vary depending on the original amount of insulation in your home, climate, house size, air leaks, and personal energy use and living habits. ** Based on an average attic size of 1700 SF with existing R19 insulation, averaged over seven cities in Canada

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