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Bathroom Decorating Made Easy


Probably the hardest room to decorate in a home is the bathroom. Often, in older homes, the bathroom is small and utilitarian. There may be no windows, and ventilation in older homes often suffers. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most popular room to redecorate. If you are planning to sell the home, concentration on bathroom décor will go a long way in making the sale. Here, we will discuss bathroom decorating– what adds value if you are looking to sell, and what you can do to make a bathroom makeover an outstanding one.

Things To Consider

Because you are often limited in space in a bathroom, every effort must be made to insure that the bathroom looks larger than it really is. Lighting and choice of paint go a very long way here. Let’s look at these.

Bathroom Lighting

Here, we want to not only make the room bright and airy, but want lighting that is beneficial for grooming. Vanity lighting is of particular importance. Most bathrooms have bar style bathroom lighting which is designed to hang above the mirror. Although it can look great and add lighting to a heavily used area of the bathroom, experts say that it is not so good for grooming. Instead, they recommend that vanity lighting should be balanced on both sides of the vanity mirror. This lighting should be at face level, and even though each family member is of different height, the lighting should be geared towards the woman in the home. The goal is to provide shadow free lighting when the woman applies makeup. Wall scones on each side of the mirror are a big help in this situation.

Fluorescent lighting in the bathroom is frowned upon by many experts, because the lighting gives off different colors which are not conducive to good grooming. This is especially true when a woman applies makeup. The down side to this is fluorescent lighting is required in the bathroom in some states. You can work around this by working with a home designer, who can advise you on the type of bulb to use that gives more complimentary color.

Choosing The Right Paint

When considering paint for the bathroom, be sure to get a paint that can easily be washed without finish being removed. Because of the steamy, damp environment, paint in the bathroom can get infested with mildew or mold. When shopping for bathroom paint, be aware of the brands on the market today. Many of them are resistant to these unwanted elements. A semi-gloss paint has a high sheen that is easy to wash, making it perfect for fighting the threats of dirt, mold, and moisture. Think twice before considering a stippled or textured wall treatment, as this provides a haven for mold and mildew, and is much harder to clean.

Modern décor in a bathroom is a simple matter of picking the right colors, accessories, and paying attention to detail.