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5 Easy Projects to Personalize Your Home


“There are lots of quick, easy projects that people can do to personalize their homes,”. “Boring rooms can be turned into showpiece marvels. Curb appeal on the outside of the home can be enhanced with the addition of simple pieces. Best of all, even the most novice do-it-yourselfer can tackle these projects easily."

Upgrade #1– Add texture with mouldings.
Install decorative urethane mouldings effortlessly with the Miterless

Corner System. No mitering is required … just easy straight cuts of moulding. Elegant corner pieces go up quickly followed by long lengths of lightweight mouldings.

Upgrade #2 – Give windows a facelift.

Add elegance to the exterior of the home by installing crossheads over windows. Or, surround the entire window with moulding. On the corners, don’t worry about mitering. Just use decorative plinth blocks that match up to straight molding cuts.

Upgrade #3 – Draw attention to ceiling fans and lights.

Install decorative urethane medallions to the top of ceiling fan and light fixtures. Available in a range of styles from ornate to simplistic, two-piece ceiling medallions help make the ceiling an elegant “fifth wall” in a room and install in less than 15 minutes.

Upgrade #4 – Dress up the garage.
You enter through this door every day, so why not make arrivals more welcoming? Install insect- and weather-resistant fluted pilasters on the sides of the door and a long crosshead with center keystone over the top. If the garage faces the street, this is an essential way to add curb appeal to the home.

Upgrade #5 – Surround your bathtub.

Enhance a bathtub with a combination of urethane window panels and mouldings. Because urethane does not absorb water, the panels and trim are ideal for upgrading a bath area.